Vehicle Tracking System

Advanced Tracking of Vehicles

Software that collects data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations

A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Modern vehicle tracking systems commonly use GPS or GLONASS technology for locating the vehicle, but other types of automatic vehicle location technology can also be used. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software. Our RTC Server resides on T3 data centre with 24×7 service support and 99.9% SLA. Our team loads the software instance for your company. You will get ready to go GPS tracking server in less than 72 hours, no technical skills needed. Monthly/Annual subscription charges are prepaid online using net banking or e-wallet.

We offer software which gives absolute freedom. Powerful and easy to use RTC tracking system, written with C# and Java-script. Software architecture gives limitless development opportunities, the code is well commented and it is a breeze to work with. Subscribe to our RTC tracking software, connect as many devices (vehicles) as you need, modify, extend functionality or develop new device protocols.