We offer variety of services in the departments mentioned below.


Windows Application: -
-We have experienced engineers and developers for developing several of windows based application like multi module or multi system network connected application, single module or single system based windows application, console application, windows services based on Microsoft Technologies like WPF, WCF, and Windowsforms etc.

Web Application: -
We have experience of developing several types of web application with different types of features like SaaS(Software as a Services), static web application, dynamic web application, portal web application, online shopping or E-commerce, any kind of API integration.


Rudra Techno Care provides professional website design, development and maintenance services. From the initial process taking input from clients to website development and testing and implementation all are done with latest web technologies and design skills. Whether you develop an online magazine website, E-commerce website, a portal or any simple content written website. We provide you with number of variety of designs and solutions.

Some of services we offer just mentioned below: - 1. New website development and design.
2. Redesign and redevelopment of existing website.
3. Maintenance and management of existing website.


All over the world mobile application are currently one of the easy to use and best way to connect to customers and services of product .We provide mobile application development services . Our business driven approach to development of mobile application is large and small no matter. We work with you to ensure that the mobile application we develop fulfill your business needs in reality.

Some of services we offer just mentioned below: -
1. Android Application Development.
2. Windows Mobile Application Development.


Each & every application either web application or windows application require enhancement and maintenance as per your requirement and business growth. Rudra Techno Care provides support and maintenance services as per our client agreements AMC process it can be comprehensive or non-comprehensive hardware and software level. We provide services to our clients and customers for their bug free and smooth running business process. Support and maintenance can be different type as per tour requirement like on call support, bug fixsupport, new and extra functionality.


Internet marketing is also known as Digital marketing to advertise your business goal public and to increase your company profile in business market. Rudra Techno Care provides you complete package to increase your business growth online. We work with finest team to increase your business deal in internet digital world. We work with media, advertisement, internet marketing. Our team of digital marketing fulfills your requirement. We integrate or connect your online and offline marketing terms and links in one environment.


We provide software testing with different test cases and different parameters to improve software performance. Performance testing, performance monitoring, database administration, application support, software function analysis, E2E testing with integrated hardware, firmware and software with proper installation. Today's fast growing digital world requires high quality products and services. Our application testing makes our products more reliable with genuine quality whilst reducing cost and development time.